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      Whether you are looking for a natural woodland atmosphere or a planned design, shrubs create exciting yearlong interest. 11[1].jpg


      Evergreen types are decorative all year long. Like a holly spotted with red berries showcasing a winter snow. Spring flowering shrubs give us a welcome sight from the dreary cold of winter. Pussywillow catkins entice us to touch; while Lilacs beckon to us to enjoy their perfume. A mid-summer’s Hydrangea begs for cutting of its large long lasting blooms. As summer warmth passes into the cooler days of fall the vibrant red foliage of Burning Bush warms the garden once more before the chill of winter returns.



      Shrubs have a diversity among themselves that is immeasurable. They work in combination with trees and/or perennials to form borders, anchor structures, soften hard lines of architecture or simply cover and help stabilize the soil.




      Foliage Farm produces over 90% of the shrubs we sell. Our container grown shrubs are shapely, lush, and offered in generous sized pots. (Recycling for empty pot refund credits.) We prime pick each week from our growing areas so you’ll always find the sales yard well-stocked.



50[2].jpg      Our extensive shrub assortment includes natives, proven winners, and ironclad varieties. Foliage Farm’s custom signage gives you all the information you need to make your selections. (Check out Planting and Delivery for additional design assistance.)