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Business Schedule

       We begin stocking the sales yard with fresh dug field material in late February and bring container plants out of our cold storage houses in March. Temperature tender plants become available as the spring season progresses. New crops will continue to become available as we move into summer and fall. Signing up for our Passionate Gardener E-mail Club will give you advanced notice of these and other benefits. (Check out Rewards to find out more.)

​Hours:      Monday - Friday 8am -5pm     Sat​urday 8am - 5pm    Sunday  9am-4pm

Call to make sure we are here on unfavorable weather days.    610-683-6585​

We are available for inquiries or gift cards by phone or email.


Questions?  You may contact us by:         Phone: 610-683-6585


                                                                        Fax: 610-683-3949



      Container trees and light weight smaller balled and burlapped (B&B) plant material can be loaded during any normal business hours.

      Larger /heavier plants should only be loaded by our most experienced personnel with the aid of equipment. They will need special attention to prepare and tie down for transport.


Remember Before You Visit Us

     bullet[1].jpgAny site measurements or pictures you may need.

     bullet[1].jpgTarps or covers to protect plants for transport. (We can supply shrink wrap when necessary.)

     bullet[1].jpgYour invoice – If you have an appointment to pick up reserved material or have a plant failure under warranty.

     bullet[1].jpgAny failed or troubled plant samples for identification or analysis.

     bullet[1].jpgWe accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Personal Checks.

     bullet[1].jpgGo to Directions for a map to our location.