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      Throughout history, gardening with perennial flowers has caught the fancy of many gardeners. They are easy to grow, bloom year after year, provide fragrance or attractive foliage and can 16[1].jpgchange with the season. Whether you favor “wild” or natural gardens with no particular design style, or carefully thought out displays of contrasting textures and forms, timing the bloom of your plantings is the most interesting and exciting feature of perennial gardening.




          If you are a person who enjoys bringing the beauty of cut flowers indoors, perennial flowers will be among the most prized to grow. A dozen or so Red-Hot Pokers in a tall glass cylinder, masses of Blue Delphiniums in a copper kettle, or a combination of Sunflowers and Coreopsis in a rustic wicker container are just a few possibilities.


     Perennials also solve difficult site situations such as dense shade, summer heat, and dry unfertile soils. Foliage Farm takes careful consideration when selecting the varieties we offer.

     Our tables are flush with the newest Perennial Plant Association picks, recently developed hybrids, as well as the tried and true varieties that “nana grows.”




     Deliveries to our sales yard are received fast and fresh each week. Size options are generally a #1 or #3 pot as we feel they give you a little quicker establishment during the first season for a vigorous come back next spring.